Sponsorship success

Emerge as a Champion

The small Wisconsin town of Erin will see its population explode from 4,500 to over 45,000 in just a few days.  The driver of this massive shift?  The Erin Hills Golf Course is hosting the 117th US Open Men’s Golf Championship.  What does this Wisconsin Golf Course and a successful sponsorship strategy have in common?  More than you may realize.

What Netflix Can Teach Us about Sponsorships

Netflix has undisputedly disrupted the television industry.  Not long ago, we were dependent on tv networks, VCRs and Blockbuster.  Now, we thrive on 24/7 access to award-winning original content without interruption that we can watch anywhere.  Here's how to apply Netflix's approach to success to your sponsorship programs.

Behind the Curtain

The Tony award winning show "Hamilton" is opening in San Francisco soon and it’s the talk of the town.  The show is completely sold out.  For the lucky theater patrons who have tickets, the anticipation builds until the curtain rises...  Have you ever considered what shows like "Hamilton" and major sponsorships have in common?