Sponsorship Changes

Blendery's White Paper: The End of a Sponsorship Era

Sponsorship has also gone through a significant transformation. It's no longer enough for a sponsor to put up some signs, hand out some shirts and expect the customers to come a-calling. It’s time to say goodbye to sponsorship as we knew it.  

Find out what's next for sponsors, how to use industry advances, and how to move past simple activation in Blendery's White Paper. 

Emerge as a Champion

The small Wisconsin town of Erin will see its population explode from 4,500 to over 45,000 in just a few days.  The driver of this massive shift?  The Erin Hills Golf Course is hosting the 117th US Open Men’s Golf Championship.  What does this Wisconsin Golf Course and a successful sponsorship strategy have in common?  More than you may realize.