What We Do

Imagine you’re assigned the task of coaching multiple sports teams simultaneously.  The players change and goals move without warning.   There is no margin for error and millions of dollars are at stake.  The upside?  You have a talented team.  The downside?  You’re all blindfolded. 

Sounds ridiculous, right?  Yet as a global sponsor, you face this management challenge - deliver the ultimate brand experience to guests in an extremely high pressure, constantly changing environment.  Numerous teams balance multiple projects, each manage tremendous amounts of frenzied information with spreadsheets and try to communicate changes when they can.    

Blendery changes the global sponsorship game.  Using your sponsorship management system as a strategic tool, Blendery creates guest intelligence and enables you to work smarter. 

Ask yourself:

  • What do you know about your guests before extending your event invitations?

  • What are your guests preferences?

  • Do your VIPs' rooms have the amenities they expect?

  • Do VIPs have the best seats?

  • How can you ensure you will never miss a guest pick up or drop off?

  • What do your guests want to do between scheduled events? Their interests?

  • How do you most effectively engage with your guests throughout the event life cycle and after?

If your sponsorship management system is missing information like this, you have the opportunity to change your sponsorship game.  Working with Blendery, you can enhance your current system or even design a new platform.  You will simplify planning, collaborate seamlessly, improve communication and most importantly, free your team to create the ultimate guest experiences. 

Take off the blindfold and change your sponsorship game.  Call Blendery today at 415-459-4742. 

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The Players


  • Allocate to guests and manage changes

  • Real time insight into ticket inventory

  • Rapidly communicate changes with onsite teams

  • Make decisions quickly and collaborate seamlessly


  • Effortlessly gather guest information and preferences

  • Inform transportation, housing and ticketing of guest arrivals and departures

  • Single real-time information source for all teams


  • Easily convey special preferences to you

  • Focus on excitement surrounding the event

  • Delighted by personalized touches from you (provided through system information)

  • Have extraordinary experiences with your brand


  • Easily allocate and manage guest rooms

  • Real time insight into room inventory

  • Rapidly communicate changes with onsite teams

  • Focus efforts on VIPs instead of chasing information


  • Provide transportation teams with current information

  • Rapidly communicate changes with onsite teams

  • Prevent stranded guests and wasted trips from stale information

You and your TEam

  • Manage all sponsorship information in a one place

  • Increase collaboration and improve communication

  • Learn about your guests before they arrive

  • Tailor packages for your guests and VIPs

  • Deliver outstanding personalized guest experiences rather than chasing data