How We Work With You

As an global event sponsor, your needs determines how we work together.  For most clients, Blendery simply designs the sponsorship management system.  For others, Blendery manages the entire development life cycle from the initial design through to working onsite at the event with the in house hospitality or sponsorship team - ensuring the success of the sponsorship.

Step 1:  Discovery

During discovery, Richard Cunningham, CEO of Blendery, meets with your key project stakeholders to understand the project’s goals, the current hospitality management systems, and available in house resources.  From there, Richard and our team determine the functional and system requirements for the project.  

Step 2:  Planning

Based on your hospitality requirements, we work with you to assemble a project team drawing from in-house or external resources. Richard and the team then design a roadmap for the project including a schedule.  Finally, the team recommends an existing or new best of breed system(s) to meet your requirements.

Step 3:  Design

The project team creates user stories based on how your team will use the system.  From there, Richard oversees development sprints to build and test the system with the project team.  Throughout the development process, your stakeholders evaluate the system and provide feedback.  This provides each stakeholder opportunities to customize the system to his/her needs.  

Step 4:  Deployment

Before deploying the system, you go through an acceptance process to ensure the system meets your needs.  Once you have accepted the system, the project team deploys it.  Richard and the Blendery team will support the team through system deployment and program management.