Blendery works with corporate sponsors to simplify global event management by creating a customized software platform.  From receipt of ticket and room inventory to the departure of your last guest, Blendery’s intelligent sponsorship event software streamlines the details of your ticketing, rooms, travel and logistics into a single system.  This enables you to focus on your VIPs and guests, as well as make fast decisions based on the most current and shared information.  

No more tracking down and managing potentially outdated information.  Your staff is free to focus on creating personalized and extraordinary VIPs experiences – resulting in higher return on investment from your sponsorship. 

Intelligent Insight.  Extraordinary Experiences. 

What We do

Simplify your corporate event experience and free your sponsorship team to deliver extraordinary guest experiences.

How We work

Streamline registration, ticketing, housing and logistics into a single sponsorship management platform customized for your company.  

Our insights 

Working on the front lines with sponsors at large global events, we've noticed a few things.  Check out our observations.