About Blendery

Since its inception in 2006, Blendery has designed registration systems for high profile events, such as NBC upfronts , Cirque du Soleil auditions, Genworth Financial seminars, and Manpower conferences.  

Over the last three years, Blendery has worked with Coca-Cola Global Hospitality to design and develop its intelligent hospitality management system.  Coca-Cola Global Hospitality relies on this system to coordinate international sporting events for the brand’s major sponsorships, like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.  The system manages all of Global Hospitality’s packages consisting of game tickets, room reservations, travel and special package customization requests.  Blendery is the first firm to successfully design and implement a hospitality system that Coca-Cola reuses for their sponsored global sporting events.  Blendery is currently designing the sixth consecutive event for Coca-Cola – the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea. 


Richard Cunningham, President

Richard Cunningham first showed his keen insight into customers at the age of fourteen. His newspaper route had stern doctor, who hated searching for his paper in the dark every morning. Richard not only put the doctor's paper on the porch, but immediately next to the door opening, thereby allowing the doctor to quickly reach the newspaper from inside the house.

Knowing that simple action made the doctor’s morning start better, Richard took that extra step for every customer on his route.  The stern doctor was so impressed with Richard that he also hired Richard to clean his pool.  He knew that Richard would do any job to his high standards.

In college, Richard developed a new talent – software development.  While working in Austin College’s data center, he taught himself how to code.  After graduating, he took this new found skill and coupled it with his client centric instincts.  The result was the profound ability understand customer needs combined with the ability to create intelligent technology based solutions.

Early in his career, Richard leveraged his skills as a Sales Engineer.  Working onsite with clients, he understood their challenges and guided them through how to adapt new technologies to meet their needs and make the technology accessible to everyone in the organization.  He flourished in the client-centric, dynamic, fast paced environment.

In 1994, Richard was one of the early innovators to see the internet as a solution to client challenges of a niche market and its commercial potential.  He launched Aircraft Shopper Online in 1995, which capitalized the aircraft industry’s portable, high-ticket assets and a fractionalized, global market.  ASO grew into a multi-million-dollar business and was sold in 2006.  

After the sale of ASO, Richard founded Blendery, whose mission was to create intelligent technology solutions for clients on the Salesforce Platform.  The company’s earliest contract was to develop ActevaRSVP, which enabled event registration for Salesforce.com customers.  Clients like NBC and Manpower worked directly with Richard to simplify their event registration experience.  While working with these clients, he saw a greater need in the event community that technology could improve beyond just registration.  

Richard next developed a Salesforce based hospitality system for Coca-Cola’s global sporting event sponsorships.  He worked closely with its Global Hospitality Team to develop a system that extended beyond event registration to streamline management of rooms and tickets into custom packages for Coca-Cola’s event guests.  Coca-Cola launched the system for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.  

Blendery is the first firm to successfully design and implement a hospitality system that Coca-Cola reuses for their sponsored global sporting events.  Richard and Blendery are preparing the system for the sixth consecutive event – the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.   

Richard Cunningham at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Richard Cunningham at the Rio 2016 Olympics